DIY Wall Hooks

DIY Circle Hooks

Fact: every bedroom needs hooks. Without hooks everything ends up on the floor. The housecoat, the belt, the hair towel, the pair of pants that you only wore for 3 hours so it’s not quite dirty enough for the hamper… they all end up on the floor! So when we were planning our Master Bedroom Makeover, I was thinking… something is missing?! It wasn’t until the room was almost done that I realized we needed wall hooks! So about a week before the big reveal, we whipped up some modern hooks in an evening.

Tools you'll need to make your own hooks

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We made these so quickly that I didn’t really take enough pictures, but I’ll try to be very clear with the tutorial! And if you have any questions – just ask :)


3/4″ thick pine board (or MDF)
3/8″ diameter dowel (only 3/4″ long)
1″ diameter dowel (only 1″ long)
Wood Stain of Your Choice


Jig saw, scroll saw, or router table (for circles)


1 hour (plus time for stain to dry)

How do I make modern wall hooks?

We wanted a natural wood look so we used scraps of pine shelf board we had left over from this previous project. If you plan to paint them you can use MDF.

Determine your desired diameter of your circle hooks, we weren’t sure, so we made a whole lot with different dimensions! The ones on the side of the cabinet are 2″, 4″, and 6″ in diameter. Trace your circle onto you material using a compass, plastic containers, tape rolls, glass, etc. to act as a template. Cut your circle out, using a scroll saw, jig saw or router table.

How do I make my own wall hooks?

Drill a 3/8″ hole on the back of circle, going about 1/4″ to 3/8″ in depth (we used 3/4″ thick wood – if you use thinner wood, adjust drill depth to ensure holes does not go through the thickness of the board (See the drilled hole in the large circle above).

Next cut your dowels. Cut a 3/8″ diameter dowel  approximately 3/4″ long. Part of this dowel will go into the circles you just cut, and part will go into the 1″ dowel.

Cut a 1″ diameter dowel to 1″ in length, drill a 1/8″ hole all the way through the dowel and a 3/8″ hole on the back of 1″ dowel, going about 1/2″ in depth.

Wood circle and dowel for hooks

Take the 1/4″ diameter dowel and glue 1 end, place in the back of the circle wall hook. Stain your wood as desired (I used a natural wood stain), then finish with Polycrylic.

Stain the hooks

Screw your 1″ dowel to the wall with the 3/8″ diameter hole facing outwards. Ensure you screw into a stud behind the drywall or use a drywall anchor for your screw.

Take you circle and insert the 3/8″ diameter dowel (that was glued into the back of the circle) and put into the 3/8″ diameter dowel into the 1″ diameter dowel. When you are done, the 3/8″ dowel will be completely hidden.

Make these modern hooks in a variety of sizes

We had made a few different sizes  and when they were done, I loved them so much that I ended up putting a group of three wall hooks onto both sides of our bedroom!

We hung these as a grouping of three in our bedroom

If you make them, snap a pic! I would love to see what you did!

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