DIY Trivets in Less Than Five Minutes

Do you have leftover tile from a previous DIY job? DIY Trivets are the perfect craft for that leftover tile. Follow along to make your own.

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Almost immediately after I opened this box of tile, I told my husband I wanted to make pot holders out of them. We originally got the tile to make a modern tiled planter, which now sits in our entry. But the pattern is so pretty! I knew if we had extra tile at the end of the project that I’d have no problem using it. And with Mother’s Day fast approaching, wouldn’t these DIY trivets make a great Mother’s Day gift too?

Modern trivets made of tile

If you have leftover sheets of tile, you can easily make this project! The sturdier the sheet of tile, the sturdier the trivets will be. Our sheet was very sturdy, but I know I’ve worked with some smaller patterns in the past that would not have worked as nicely.


Tile (we used this retro tile!)
Utility knife
Felt pads

How to Make DIY Trivets:

Start by deciding what pattern you want for your trivets. Our sheet could make a square looking trivet with these beautiful octagons. You may have to adjust for different patterns.

Preparing the tile to make modern trivets

Next, just pull apart the connectors by hand. A tiny bit of force and bend in the tile is all it takes. We actually planned out our sheet so that I could rip one modern trivet, and three square coasters (see photo below) out of each sheet!

Separating pieces for the trivets
Removing the connector pieces on the trivets

Put aside any pieces of tile that are ripped off and no longer needed. You will likely have something stuck to your tiles, like these sticky connectors on ours. I just used a utility knife and scraped any extra off – you can barely see the marks when you’re done!

Scraping connector pieces with razor blade

You need a way to protect your kitchen counters and tables from the tile as well and any hardware store will likely sell these little felt feet. You just need to make sure that the size you buy is smaller than the size of your tile pieces so that the felt feet will be hidden underneath.

Felt pieces to protect counters from heat from the trivets
Removing backing from felt pieces to apply to bottom of trivets

Simply peel of the backing and stick them underneath your tile!

Felt pieces attached to the bottom of the trivet

That’s it! Honestly, in my opinion it would be worth buying a whole box of tile just to make a bunch of these as gifts. Every two sheets would give you two modern trivets and six DIY coasters!

Completed trivets with green cooking dish

Honestly it only took five minutes to make these trivets and I LOVE them!
What do you do with your leftover tile? Would you make these?

Two completed modern trivets
Two completed trivets and a green cooking dish
Completed modern trivets

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