DIY Painted Black Window Frames

Love the look of black window frames! If you want to paint your own, here’s one quick and easy DIY tutorial! Get the beautiful modern black windows for any interior room!

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We’ve been living with our newly renovated Kitchen for just over a month now and I’m still in love with the changes we made. So far everything has held up beautifully! We’re still having guests over that hadn’t seen the changes and they are always shocked to learn that we did all of the work in just one weekend! One kitchen project that I hadn’t shared on the blog, but was done before our kitchen makeover was our DIY Painted Black Window Frames. It took just a few hours and was the perfect solution for our future kitchen plans!

Cleaning the frame of the window

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My husband and I debated this “black window” idea for quite a while, lol. He had some valid reasons for not wanting to paint the window, but I knew that it would look amazing with a black window frame – especially after our kitchen makeover was done.

In a few years, we plan to add an addition to our home. When we do that, three of our current windows will no longer look outside, so we are planning to use these windows in our new garage in the addition. My husband’s main concern with painting the kitchen window, is that it wouldn’t match his other windows – he didn’t want one black window and two white ones. So we set out to find a temporary solution that looked nicer than duck tape stuck on the trim. Our solution was Rustoleum Peel Coat Spray Paint!

How to Paint Your Own Black Window Frames

Taping the window for painting black window frames

The first step was to tape off the area that was getting painted.

Putting up plastic for painted black window frames

The next step was to use some poly drop sheets to protect the rest of our kitchen from the spray paint.

Spray paint for painted black window frames

The Peel Coat spray paint we chose to use is one that you spray on, and then can peel away at any time. This is not a window that we ever open. If it was this product wouldn’t work because it would just peel the paint off every time it opened and slid the window across. For us this was the perfect temporary solution!

Painting black window frame

Because I was pregnant at the time, my husband graciously did all of the spray painting for me :) It took two coats to get the frame covered beautifully.

Painted black window frame
Finished window frame

As soon as we peeled back the plastic and tape I knew we had made the right choice! The black frame looked stunning in the kitchen! Especially after the kitchen got it’s beautiful weekend makeover!

Painted black window frame
Remodeled kitchen
Remodeled kitchen with painted black window frame

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Dresser makeover

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22 thoughts on “DIY Painted Black Window Frames

  1. I was wondering when you would post that project. :) It looks really good with the rest of the makeover!

      1. Oh my I love the window! I will definitely be doing this in my house but with a more permanent solution. I have to ask where the light pendant(s) is from? Swoon.

    1. I’m wanting to do this on a brand new Vinyl window. In our kitchen. I don’t think we’ll open it much either. I’m curious to know how this has held up?

  2. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing. Doesn’t opening have no problem with the two coats of paint on the track?

    1. Thank you! Yes, I think the tracks would get scratched or worn down over time if you are opening and closing. We chose a window that we never open, so it worked great for us!

  3. Love it! Is the outside of the window still white? I’m wondering how that would look, as I am building, and want to do an all surfmist look for the exterior, but white interior walls with black window frames.

    1. Nice! Did the paint particles get anywhere else even though you covered the area with plastic? I’m really considering doing this over the holidays but I’m afraid the paint particles might travel in the air and get stuck onto my walls…

  4. Do you/Rustoleum have a suggestion for windows that would get opened and closed often? We have vinyl windows and I’ve been itching to paint them black as well!

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