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As a self-proclaimed DIYer, a lot of my “brilliant” ideas come from solving my own problems. Baby is getting filthy during her meal? Sew a better bib! Don’t have any artwork for the bedroom? Design my own canvas! Don’t have any push pins that match your Christmas decor? Make some!

It may sound ridiculous to re-do my own push pins, but the project I had in mind needed some colourful thumb tacks, and the ones you can buy at the store simply do NOT match my holiday decor – yep, I’m talking to you bulky, bright and colourful push pins! So I set to work making some red and gold ornament push pins :)



Flat Push Pins or Thumb Tacks
Sculpey (I used red, gold, and black)
E6000 Glue


I chose a base colour to begin, then, using my fingers, I shaped a small amount of the base colour into a ball that would fit on top of the push pin. . I actually stuck it on top of one of the tacks to mold it slightly as well.
[note: I didn’t do this, but I would recommend shaping the sculpey onto the tack, and making sure the bottom surface area is wider than the tack because the sculpey will shrink into itself a bit once cooked]


Then you take the other colours, and add colour or character to as many of the push pins as you like!
I added swirls by rolling a very thin piece of sculpey and placing it on top carefully. I also made several marble ones. For those, I put a few random pieces of a second colour on top and massaged the clay until the colours were embedded together.

Once you are done all of your designs, bake the pieces according to the instructions on the package :)


When the come out of the oven, let them cool (doesn’t take long!), and then use the E6000 to glue them to the thumb tacks. I recommend using something to apply the glue, because it can be VERY sticky on your hands!

Then when you are done, you will have an adorable supply of ornament push pins!

IMG_4657b IMG_4655b

Here’s a sneak peak at how I’ll be using these handy dandy push pins tomorrow!


For more Christmas inspiration, check out these Jute String Mini Wreath Ornaments that I shared earlier this week!

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