DIY Concrete Vases [from tin cans]

Make these amazing Concrete Vases from tin cans you save around your home. Sharing secrets for using concrete in DIY projects. 

Three concrete vases made with tin cans holding art supplies.

Well, if you stopped by yesterday for the Create With Me link up, then you know that I created these DIY Concrete Vases for the challenge! You voted for me to use tin cans, and I rose to the challenge!

You can stop by the Create With Me party right now to vote on what we will DIY with this month! Can’t wait to see what you chose for me! In the meantime, come in and see how I made these great organizational vases for my craft space.

Three concrete vases holding art supplies.

The material list gets a bit hefty, but I’m SO happy with the results!


Tin cans
Plastic containers (smaller than tin cans)
Concrete mix
Dremel (with metal blade)
Clear Gloss Spray Paint
Silver Leaf Pen
Always use proper safety gear!

Start by drilling a hole in the bottom on your tin cans, and then your plastic containers. You want to chose plastic containers to go inside that will be higher than the tin cans. Plastic containers are pliable, and easy to remove once the concrete sets for the concrete vase. I used old sprinkle containers!

Using a drill and screw to drill into tin can
Drilling a hole into a plastic cylinder to sit inside the tin can for the concrete vase

Next, screw into the bottom of the tin cans and the plastic containers. I screwed into the tin can first, and then twisted the plastic onto the screw by hand. You want to make sure that there is some space between the bottom of the plastic and the bottom of the tin can so that a thick enough layer of concrete can sit in between to create the concrete vase.

Tin can with screw drilled into the bottom with a drill
Image placing the plastic cylinder into the tin can for the concrete vase

Next, we sprayed the inside of the cans and plastic with WD-40. You need something that will stop the concrete vase from sticking to the tin and plastic. This stuff is heavy duty and definitely did the trick.

Can of WD-40 used to lubricate the tin can for easy removal

Next you want to mix the concrete with water (as per the bag instructions) and fill in the space between your plastic and tin cans. Then leave it for about a week so that the concrete has time to set.

Creating the concrete mix for the concrete vases
Filling the tin cans with concrete to make the concrete vases

When you come back to your piece, you will be anxious to see if it worked, but be patient! Concrete can crack if you are rough with it!

First remove the plastic piece inside by peeling it away gently with your pliers. Don’t be afraid to bend the plastic!

Then get your Dremel out (with a metal blade) and cut a straight line down the side of the tin can and the bottom, until the can pops off of the concrete (see below).

Cutting the tin can off of the concrete vase
Removing the tin can to expose the concrete vase underneath

Use pliers to pull the tin away and you are left with a lovely concrete vase!

Use pliers to remove tin can from concrete vase
Unfinished concrete vase

We used a clear gloss spray over the concrete vases to protect them from life on my craft table before I painted them.

Spraying the concrete vases with a clear gloss coat.

Finally, I painted strips on my concrete vases one at a time using my Americana Decor Chalky Finish paint.

Painted concrete vases

When the paint was done, I loved the look, but I felt it was missing something. I searched my craft space and found my beautiful silver leafing pen, which I used to draw a line between the two paint colours.

Silver leafing paint pen
White, silver, and light blue painted concrete vase

Now let’s all gush over the beauty of these vases…. lol.

Three concrete vases holding art supplies
Three concrete vases painted and filled with art supplies
Close up photo of paintbrushes inside of concrete vase
Close up of a painted concrete vase holding popsicle sticks
Three concrete vases holding various items
Three concrete vases made using tin cans
A concrete vase filled with art supplies
Three concrete vases holding art supplies created using a tin can
DIY Concrete Vases

DIY Concrete Vases

Yield: 1 concrete vase
Prep Time: 30 minutes
Active Time: 1 hour
Total Time: 1 hour 30 minutes
Difficulty: Medium
Estimated Cost: $5

Make these amazing Concrete Vases from tin cans you save around your home. Sharing secrets for using concrete in DIY projects.


  • Tin cans
  • Plastic containers (smaller than tin cans)
  • Screws
  • Concrete mix
  • WD-40
  • Clear Gloss Spray Paint
  • Paint
  • Silver Leaf Pen


  • Drill
  • Dremel (with metal blade)
  • Pliers


  1. Drill a hole in the bottom of the tin can and plastic container.
  2. Screw the tin can and plastic container together.
  3. Spray the containers with WD-40.
  4. Mix the concrete.
  5. Fill the containers with the concrete mixture and allow to dry.
  6. Remove the concrete vases from the containers.
  7. Protect with a gloss spray coat, and paint as desired.
  8. Admire your hard work.


Concrete Tea Light Holder

Concrete candle holder

Concrete Soap Dish

A soap dish made of concrete

Image collage with text overlay

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48 thoughts on “DIY Concrete Vases [from tin cans]

  1. I love how those turned out! I’m not one for power tools right now. But, this is such a cool idea for a craft space. I love the feel that the vases add!

  2. Love the look!! Now you can open all windows in the house that the draft won’t make them fall!
    Thanks for sharing with us at #2usestuesday

      1. You’re brilliant. I’m likely making small speaker stands for my desk with this method, as the concrete is perfect for killing any vibration, and the look is perfect for my loft.

  3. Love these! I want to make them for every room of the house. But not until it warms up a bit here, it’s still below freezing outside! Thanks for sharing at the Wednesday Showcase party this week.

  4. Okay, your craft area… I’M DYING! It’s so white and beautiful and I want to live there.
    Also, I love how the concrete vases turned out! It seems so do-able too! Now I just need to save up my cans and borrow a dremel. Thanks for sharing!

    I stopped by from the Wednesday Showcase.

    1. Thank you!! You’re so sweet!! I love my craft space too :) I hope you do try the tin cans. I’d love to see them if you do!

  5. This idea is terrific! I’m wondering how big to go now if I use a large coffee can and a tall tupperware tumber if I could make a planter since we’ve already drilled a hole in the bottom. This idea has alot of uses large and small.

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