DIY Bread Box Makeover

DIY bread box makeover

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Did you catch my Kitchen makeover post? We are renovating our kitchen in a weekend! It’s going to be a huge job and we still aren’t sure if it’s all going to work, lol. But renovating the kitchen means that we need to update a few of our accessories too. Enter battered old bread box…

Start with a wooden bread box

I don’t even know where we originally got this bread box, but it now looks like something you could pick up in a thrift store. It wasn’t hard to convince myself that it needed some love.

Get ready to transform this bread box

Here’s everything I used to update my bread box:


Set up a spray shelter before you paint

How to update your bread box: 

Start by setting up your spray shelter. We just popped ours up in the garage to avoid getting paint on any of our tools. I opted for a paint sprayer for this project instead of paint brushes because the piece has so many edges and crannies – I didn’t want to spend a ton of time digging in and painting and getting paint all over my arms, lol.

Spray paint your bread box Fill with the paint of your choice

Next, fill your paint sprayer‘s pot with the paint of your choice.

Test your sprayer on cardboard first

Before you start using your paint sprayer, use an old piece of cardboard to experiment with. You can adjust the the volume of paint you release, and the spray patterns (horizontal, vertical, and circular). We used the vertical setting. Once your ready spray your piece.

Once dry, paint the inside of the box

When the exterior is dry, open up your paint sprayer and paint the inside of your piece as well. Each time you stop make sure to follow the directions and clean your sprayer well.

Finished painted bread box

It hardly took any time at all to paint this guy! And given the number of corners, nooks and crannies, I have no doubt that a brush would’ve taken a lot longer! Now I’m itching to use it on a bigger piece… lol.

Now we can add our pattern!

Cricut machine to create the pattern

When I was planning out this project, I honestly thought the easiest thing to do would be to cut vinyl using my Cricut and and stick it on to make my pattern! The best vinyl for the job is the outdoor vinyl. It sticks great and is wipeable (which is perfect for the kitchen).

If you want to use your Cricut, you can access my Cricut Design File HERE!!

(you can check out this post to see how to print your Cricut Design Space File!) 

Measure your breadbox before you create your pattern

Once you have your vinyl strips cut out, measure all sides of your bread box and put a pencil tick at one inch increments.

Add the vinyl strips to the breadbox one inch apart

Add your cut vinyl pieces across the face and top of your bread box.

Trim the edges of the vinyl to the size of your bread box

Cut the edges of your strips of vinyl so that they don’t hang off.

Once the horizontal stripes are done, add the vertical

Once all of your horizontal strips are done, you can add the vertical ones.

Use a pen to tap in the vinyl in creases

I just used a pencil to help me tap the vinyl into any of the divots or cracks. Finish the front and the top, and you’ve got a brand new modern bread box!

I didn’t think I was talented enough to use a sharpie or paint, but if you have a steady hand, that’s another great affordable option for adding the modern design!

Finished product- looks fantastic!

What do you think of our new modern bread box? I’m so in love with this criss cross pattern. I want to add it to everything.

Great place to store your baked goods Finished product

I can’t wait to have this guy on the counter in my new kitchen!

So happy with the finished product

What’s the first thing that you would use your paint sprayer on??

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DIY breadbox transformation

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  1. Love the breadbox! Mine was the first thing I painted when I first tried chalk paint and I painted it to match my re-done kitchen…must be the great minds thing we’ve got going on!

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