DIY Baby Drool Bib

Baby Drool Bib

Has your baby begun teething? Has she taken the trip to droolsville like mine has?
Here’s the evidence:

Baby Drool Bib

Once she started drooling all over the place, I knew I had to come up with a solution to limit the number of soaking wet onsies that were being thrown into the laundry.

I decided to make my own reversible drool bibs.
and it was SO easy!
I have very minimal sewing skills (i.e. got my machine 5 months ago when my daughter was born), but this was so easy to design and make.

Here’s the super easy tutorial:

Baby Drool Bib

Two different fabrics (I chose two cotton fat quarters)
Matching thread
3 inches of velcro

1. Cut out a triangle of folded fabric that is 9 inches on one side and 10 inches on the other side. The fold should be on the 10 inch side. Before you unfold it, round the bottom edge on the longer (10 inch) side of the fabric. Do the same thing in your other coordinating fabric, or trace the one you just cut to ensure that they are the same size.

Baby Drool Bib

2. Do this for both pieces of fabric. When you are done they should look like this:

Baby Drool Bib

3. Pin the two fabrics together, right sides facing each other. and sew a straight stitch around the fabric, leaving a couple inches unsewn at the top.

Baby Drool Bib

4. When you are finished sewing, cut the excess material at the edges to prevent bulging.

Baby Drool Bib

5. Turn the piece inside-out through the unsewed section, revealing the correct sides of the fabric. Hand stitch the opening closed.

6. Take your 1.5 inch velcro pieces (make sure you have one of each side so that they will attach!). Pin them to the edges of the fabric as shown below: Sew them into place.

Baby Drool BibBaby Drool BibBaby Drool Bib

 That’s it!
You’ve now made some super easy, reversible AND stylish drool bibs!

Baby Drool Bib Baby Drool Bib Baby Drool Bib

Just so you can see how stylish they really are… here are some pics of my baby girl sporting her new bibs while she was playing :)

Baby Drool Bib IMG_7405Baby Drool Bib Baby Drool Bib

Hope you liked the idea and the tutorial!
I love your comments and questions – please leave me one!


8 thoughts on “DIY Baby Drool Bib

  1. Casey uses 10-12 bibs A DAY. He is a faucet!! He cut his first tooth just shy of 6 months and then got 8 in 3 weeks.. I thought the drooling would stop then but alas, here we are 5 months later and it’s still pouring out :/ I like the bandana bibs for going out or dressing up but usually I have washcloth bibs on him because they’re big and super absorbent.

    1. I know eh! Soooo much drool! It’s only been the last couple weeks for our girl. I am totally planning on using this same pattern for some DIY washcloth bibs once she’s sitting up and drooling more. Definitely for added absorbency.

  2. I made one of these tonight and maybe I did something wrong but it was TINY!!! It fit my cat LOL I’m going to try again tomorrow with bigger measurements and hopefully get better results!!

    1. haha, oh no! Maybe your baby is bigger than mine was at this age! lol. I would expand the edges by an inch or two and see how that fits instead :)

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