Diamond String Art

DIY tutorial for this Chic Diamond String Art using embroidery sting! Part of a beautiful white and gold gallery wall :)

Last week, I shared some very overdue tutorials for the Hexagon Side Table and the House Bookshelf that were made for my daughter’s Big Girl Bedroom. Well… I’m afraid to say that I have a few more waaaay overdue posts from that beautiful room makeover! All this week, I will be sharing some tips and tutorials for how we made the beautiful gallery wall in my daughter’s room. Beginning with this DIY Diamond String Art.

Chic white and gold gallery wall for a girl's bedroom!

I love everything about this simple DIY string art – especially how quick and easy it is! All you need is white cardstock , embroidery string, and a needle!

Diamond String Art

First, I cut a piece of white cardstock to fit perfectly into my frame. Next I found an image to use as my template. I daughter LOVES singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, but I wasn’t too keen on putting a star on the wall, so I took the “like a diamond in the sky” line very seriously, lol. I printed out a diamond and held it behind my paper against a window (letting the light shine through both papers). Then I used a pencil to mark out all of the points on the diamond – no need to trace the whole image!

Diamond String Art

Once I had the points drawn, I used my needle to poke tiny starter holes over each of the points. Finally, I put my embroidery string through the needle, and weaved my way through each of the holes! There will definitely be some overlap, but it doesn’t matter where the string goes behind the print because no one will ever see that!

Diamond String Art Diamond String Art

I LOVE how the pink thread looks against the white cardstock and this perfectly simple gold frame (link to a similar one!). I couldn’t be happier with the results!

Diamond String Art Chic white and gold gallery wall for your daughter's room!

I hope you like it! Please let me know if you have any questions about the tutorial :)

DIY tutorial for this Chic Diamond String Art using embroidery sting! Part of a beautiful white and gold gallery wall :)

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Hexagon Side Table

Signature 2 200x100

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  1. This is SO cool! I love how simple it is, and the result looks awesome as part of your daughter’s gallery wall! Thanks for linking up with Creative Spark last week; I’m featuring your string art project today :)

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