Date Night Gift Basket

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If you saw this wedding card post I did yesterday, you may have been wondering what the tag was going to attach to!
Mystery solved! It went on a “date night gift basket” that I made for a friend as a wedding shower gift. It was super easy to put together, and a lot of fun to watch all the guests peek in as it got passed around the room! For those that missed the tag, here’s what it said:


 The rest was easy, I just filled basket with things you would need for a nice date, and then added a few naughty things as well ;)

Things I put in:
Wine glasses (dollar store… they probaby have nice ones on the registry elsewhere!)
Wine & Rum
Wine cork
Warm Blanket
Love “fantasy” mask
Love handcuffs
A “love game”

You could pretty much add anything to make it more or less PG: a card game, slippers, more snacks, bubble bath, a movie, condoms or toys ;)
May depend on who the guests are too – not all grandmothers want to see some of these items!
This is also a great gift for a stagette or bachelorette party!
I really enjoyed watching people peek around it, worrying about what they might see after they read the tag, lol.

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