12 Cozy Guest Room Ideas

12 great tips to take your guest space to the next level. Learn how to create a welcoming, cozy guest room just by adding a few special items!

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I love visiting family, but we all know, “there’s no place like home”! When I set out to complete my Guest Bedroom, I wanted the space to be as welcoming as possible. I tried to pay attention to all of the details. Today, I’m sharing 12 Ways that you can Create a Cozy Guest Room Space.

Decorations in the cozy guest bedroom.

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Here are 12 great ways to keep a cozy guest room space:

1. Plants

Plants make any space feel more lively and beautiful. Preferably fresh flowers or real plants, but the faux ones are so pretty these days too!

Faux greenery used to create a cozy guest bedroom.


If there’s a code for the door or a wifi password that you want them to have, write it down for them!

Table decorations used to display wifi password in the cozy guest room.

3. Something to read

It’s always nice to find books and magazines to look at and read when you’re bored or can’t fall asleep.

4. Towels

Lay out guest towels, face cloths, and bathrobes for your guests to use in the cozy guest room.

Small wooden crate used to hold towels in the cozy guest room.

5. A Tray

Giving your guests a tray gives them a spot to throw their jewelry or toiletries or wallet. Everyone needs a place to empty their pockets!

Dish to hold personal items in the cozy guest room.

6. A Bedside Table

This may seem obvious… but your guests we need a place to put our phone at night!lol. Don’t leave that side table empty either. Throw in a paper and pen, or some of those magazines I was talking about earlier.

Knick knacks in a drawer of the cozy guest room.

7. Pillows and Blankets

Make sure you have extra pillows and blankets available for guests in the cozy guest room. There is nothing worse than staying somewhere new and freezing all night!

Extra blankets in a basket in the cozy guest suite.

8. A Clock

A room without a clock?! Little details like this make all the difference.

Alarm clock in the cozy guest room.

9. Tissues

We often forget to get these out for our guests, but I’ve been that guest searching bathrooms for tissues after my hosts went to sleep – not fun!

10. Cups and a Pitcher

I need a glass of water at night. I always have one beside my bed. So I assume my guests would want it too :)

Pitcher and glasses on a wicker tray in the cozy guest room.

11. Hangers

This is especially important if your guests are staying for more than one night. It’s nice to be able to unpack a few things and hang them up.

Closet in the cozy guest room.

12. Good Reading Light

Whether your guests are reading at night or playing games on their iPads, its nice to have a good bedside light to feel like a cozy guest room.

Unique lights in the cozy guest room.

Is your cozy guest room filled with all these things? Let me know if there’s anything I missed!

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25 thoughts on “12 Cozy Guest Room Ideas

  1. I like to put a guest book in the room. I encourage them to sign it and write about their excursions. I enjoy reading their comments later.

  2. Great tips thank you as silly as it may sound I had forgotten the box of Kleenex.
    One more thing that I think is important is to have a mirror if possible a full length
    on the door or free standing.

  3. A note pointing to a (new!) toothbrush, some toiletries and a basic firstaid kit in the bathroom for emergencies?

  4. I make sure there is an extension cord brought around to the side of the bed for my guests to be able to plug in/recharge all their tech. I also leave a bowl of snacks.

  5. I added a battery-backed up digital alarm clock/radio and a TV with remote control. I agree with the towels, pillows, blankets, water (but I put in bottled water) and kleenex.

  6. One added detail I put in my guest room is a pretty container with a toothbrush, sample size toothpaste, mouthwash, dental floss, deodorant etc

  7. Use mattress pad and pillow covers under sheets and pillow cases. For extra pillows include some soft and some firm.

  8. Our “guest room” is my 9 year old daughters room. We have a bookshelf that the bottom has closed storage so all her items get shoved, err I mean neatly placed, in the bottom, and we use the top for guests. It has three shelves. One shelf holds guest towels and face cloths, the next shelf holds decorative plants, the bottom shelf holds an alarm clock, and space for whatever they need (as its beside the bed), our daughters uses it in lieu of a nightstand. On top of the bookshelf we fold one or two large minky blankets.

    Clipped onto her headboard is a lamp, we keep her dresser completely clear so they can use the surface, we make sure at LEAST one plug is open and available. She has a power cord under her bed that we usually pull slightly out so that they can use it/see its available, but she also has one at the foot of her bed completely visible, we recently purchased wall outlet things that you plug in to allow like 6 things plugged in plus has 4 usb spots and the top has a cradle portion to place phone.

    Important things you dont have mentioned that we keep in the room. Under the bed we put a window fan, and in the closet a portable heater. We leave a cute little note with where these items are located. Also, we have a set of hooks in the bedroom (for guests to hang their towels after use), and one important thing not mentioned which we have is a MIRROR. Guests HATE having to walk around the house without at least seeing what they look like before they could run into whom they are staying with (give them the chance to see if their nip ons are noticeable, and finger comb their hair LOL!)

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