Copper Wine Rack

Follow along with a step by step tutorial to build your own Copper Wine Rack. The perfect addition to an industrial designed kitchen.

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The day is here at last!! I have been SO eager to share this DIY project with you for two reasons… One, I made this MYSELF! And two, I am joining an AMAZING group of bloggers to bring you the first ever Home Depot Gift Challenge. Each month, we will chose one home depot product and create a unique gift. We are not associated with Home Depot, we just really like their products :) This month, our choices led me to creating this DIY industrial Copper Wine Rack for my husband.

Home Depot gift challenge

Image of a copper tee connector

It all started with this little copper tee. We were all challenged to make something for our significant other that had to incorporate these copper tees. My mind was spinning immediately, and although I definitely drink more wine in this home than my husband, I knew he would appreciate an industrial piece like a copper wine rack in our kitchen!

Tools to create the copper wine rack
Copper pieces used to create the copper wine rack

Here’s what you need:
(everything 1/2 inch diameter)

4 Copper Tees
12 Copper Elbows (90 degree)
3 Copper pipes
4 Copper Clamps
4 Short Screws
Tube Cutter
Measuring Tape
90 Degree Ruler
Something to spread/mix Epoxy
(I used tiny wooden sticks)

Image collage measuring for wine rack

To start you have to measure everything to make sure that this piece can hang properly from your cupboards. Cupboard depth and length, wine bottle length and diameter.

One I had all my measurements, I made this sketch [below] by hand and calculated everything I needed.

Image sketch for size of copper wine rack

Based on my measurements (for a standard cupboard), I needed to cut the copper into:

2 x 14″
4 x 3.5″
4 x 2″
4 x 4″4 x 5.5″

Image collage measuring and cutting copper pieces

I cut each piece for the wine rack by measuring it with the tape measure, marking my cut with a marker, and cutting with the tube cutter [thanks to the handy hubby for the tutorial on that!].

Once each piece was cut, I gently sanded the edges, so that they would slide into the joints nicely.

Test fitting a wine bottle for the copper wine rack

Next I did a dry fit to check that all my measurements were right. I’m SO glad I did this! If you saw in my photo above, I had originally planned to cut the width pieces at 7″ instead of 5.5″.  When I did the dry fit, I realized that the wine bottles would have slid right out of the copper wine rack! Luckily I hadn’t glued anything yet!!

Gluing the copper pieces with epoxy

Now you can glue! Mix your epoxy (as per instructions) – only a small amount at a time – and spread inside your joints. Join the pieces together, and push them against a flat surface to make sure that both joints off each pipe are at the same angle.

Image collage of measuring angles of the copper wine rack

Finally, use your 90 degree ruler to make sure that everything is level and square.

Add your clamps to the top bars, and bask in your beautiful masterpiece of a copper wine rack before you hang it up!

Finished copper wine rack
Finished copper wine rack
Finished copper wine rack

Since this is a GIFT challenge, I couldn’t show of my gift without showing off my wrapping job!

Gift Wrap for Men

I used approx. 1″ washers and stamped “FOR”, “MY”, and “MAN”. into the washers in lieu of a tag. See the post on How to Stamp on Metal to learn more :)

Gift wrapped copper wine rack
Close up of washers stamped with for my man

Not gonna lie, my husband had to hang his own gift after he opened it, lol. He measured a short distance from the back of the wall, and used eight small screws to hang the copper wine rack from the cupboard above. Ensure that the screws are shorter than the thickness of the board you are attaching it to. That way the screws won’t pierce the board on the inside.

Installed copper wine rack

The copper wine rack easily holds six bottles of wine :) Or whatever else you choose to put it in!

Wine bottles on an installed copper wine rack

The photo below shows how the bottles sit against the wall at the back, about half an inch of space between the wall and the wine rack :)

Wine bottles on wine rack
Wine bottles on copper wine rack

And it all started with this simple copper tee!

Close up of copper wine rack
Image of copper wine rack

Now it’s time for me to grab a glass and enjoy our new wine rack!

Glass of wine

As I mentioned before, there was an AMAZING group of bloggers that joined me in finding creative uses for those Home Depot copper tees.

Click the pictures below to discover more outstanding projects :)

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  1. I love this! This challenge is really awesome. Also I seriously want to make that rack like right now. Thanks for linking up to the Bloggers Brags Pinterest Party. I have pinned to the Bloggers Brags Broad and my DIY broad and I’ll be sharing on my FB page tomorrow. I will also be featuring this project on the next Bloggers Brags Post.

    1. Thank you Brandi! I’m glad you liked the challenge – hope you got to hop around and see some of the other great projects too!

    1. haha… you can see I didn’t really have enough red on hand to fill it up! But I made my selection of booze work :)

    1. Thank you! Glad you liked our idea! I hope you got a chance to hop around and check out some other great projects too!

  2. I am totaling loving this Home Depot challenge! So many creative ideas! Bloggers are the best at creativity!
    Your wine rack is adorable in your kitchen and I know your husband loved your special gift wrapping touch as well. So glad you shared with us at Merry Monday. I can’t wait to see what you have been up to at the new MM party!

  3. Popping over from Merry Monday =) Love it! Pinned to my DIY Home Decor board. I have a kitchen reno in the future and this may need to be in it. Be sure to share your recipes, crafts, upcycles & DIYs at Two Uses Tuesday (Mon 11pm EST to Fri 11pm EST, 4 more days left on Link Up 17!) over at Sarah Celebrates if you don’t already!

  4. The wine rack turned out so pretty!! I’m dying to add a little more copper to my kitchen. Thanks for sharing it at The Creative Circle Lindi!

  5. Thanks for sharing on Two Uses Tuesday! Your copper wine rack was picked as a Sarah Celebrates Favorite! Stop by this week to see your feature and share some more =)

  6. This will be a perfect gift for any wine lovers. I have a vacant space in the wall of my kitchen and I want to occupy most of the spaces. I want to do something with it like display some sentimental things.

  7. Hey, great share….

    I really loved this copper wine rack. It’s just awesome and an unique gift idea for a wine lover. I am surely going to create one such rack in my kitchen area.

    Thanks for sharing this valuable post.
    Keep sharing more innovative ideas…….

  8. This is a really great gift for any wine lovers. Through this, we keep the wine safer. It is just awesome and a great idea for the many wine lovers. By making the copper wine rack we shall save our wine.

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