DIY Soap Dish Made With Concrete

Easy to make DIY soap dish using concrete. Follow these step-by-step instructions to make your own modern concrete soap dish.

image collage of DIY soap dish with text overlay

Have you ever wanted to make your own soap dish? This beautiful and unique DIY soap dish looks great in any home!

concrete soap dish sitting on small wooden table

If you know me or follow my blog, you’ll know that I love industrial-style home décor mixed with some clean, modern pieces. I think industrial style décor fits well into most spaces because it can be done by adding just some small, simple touches.

My husband also loves it because it keeps the home décor on the more masculine side and we both love it as parents because it’s relatively easy to create yourself and replace as needed. Having a young family, it seems inevitably things get broken, so this is a must for us!

I’ve been wanting to add some industrial pieces to our master bathroom for a while now. It’s a pretty bright space, thanks to a lot of natural light, so I spent some time evaluating what type of industrial décor pieces would be a good fit for it.

Some of my other pieces, like this DIY industrial sconce, felt a little too dark for our bathroom. I wanted something that would keep the room feeling light and airy and I also wanted something practical. Finding a DIY décor project for our master bathroom that was both industrial and “light and airy” felt like a bit of an oxymoron, until I thought of the perfect product to play with. Concrete!

A lot of industrial décor is quite dark, which I usually love, but the light grey colour of concrete seemed like the perfect fit for our bathroom, and because it’s a nice neutral colour it will look good in almost anyone’s home. After reading this, I think you’ll be surprised at how easy concrete is to work with.

Using Concrete in home décor

Concrete used to be considered a cold, lifeless material but I’m happy to say that it’s really making a turn for the better in the modern home décor industry. We never used to see a lot of concrete products in home decor but now we are seeing it pop up again.

It’s not just used to lay pavement or build home foundations anymore. It’s also really accessible and budget-friendly. Some ways concrete can be used in the home for décor include candle holders, succulent planters, vases and more. Believe it or not, concrete is a great material for DIY products. My DIY industrial-loving side really loves using raw materials and concrete is definitely one of them!

It might seem intimidating at first but with the right materials, it’s actually great to work with. As mentioned, when we renovated our Modern Master Bathroom I really wanted the space to have a few industrial touches. I thought I would try making a DIY soap holder and it turns out that, yes, you can make your own soap dish out of concrete! It’s a great, practical décor item and the longevity of a concrete soap dish will probably be better than one that you buy somewhere else.

I understand that when someone hears “concrete soap dish,” gorgeous and stylish might not be the first words that come to mind, but follow these simple steps and you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to do. I think you’ll also be surprised at how beautiful this DIY soap holder looks in your home! It’s also a nice gift idea for almost any occasion. Pair it with a nice bar of soap or shampoo and conditioner bar and it’s a beautiful, unique and practical gift that almost anyone will be sure to love.

container of Maker's mix concrete

How to make your own DIY soap dish with concrete

What you’ll need to make your own DIY soap dish

You only need four simple products to make your own soap dish and some of them you might even have in your home already. I used my favourite, fast-setting concrete product to make this DIY soap holder. It’s called Makers Mix and can be found at almost hardware store or online. The two-part mold is also made by Maker Mix.

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Step-by-step tutorial

Start by coating the mold in vegetable oil. I’m fairly generous with it and use just any old vegetable oil that’s already stored in my cupboards. Using vegetable oil will prevent the concrete piece from sticking to the plastic mold.

image of cooking oil and concrete molds

Next, mix your concrete according to the directions on the package. Makers Mix concrete only requires water and is pretty lightweight, making it easy to stir. Use a garbage bag, old pillowcase, or sheet in case any spills out when mixing it but don’t worry, it usually doesn’t make a mess and you don’t need that much to make your own soap dish.

open container of Maker's Mix and concrete molds for DIY soap dish

You could make a round DIY soap dish with this mold pictured above, or if you wanted to get a bit creative, tip the mold a bit to the side to get a funky design. I poured the concrete mix into the mold and then tipped the mold on its side. This made the soap dish shallow on one side and tall on the backside, meaning the flat part of the mold was now to the side instead of directly underneath. This adds a bit of a unique twist to a simple mold but you can make your own dish any way you’d like. It will look nice either way!

Once you have poured the concrete and set the mold just the way you like it, tap the mold on the table a few times to get any air bubbles out. Then let the concrete set for about an hour.

concrete in mold for DIY soap dish
concrete DIY soap dish out of mold
image of container of concrete sealer and DIY soap dish

Once it’s done setting, the concrete dish will come out of the mold easily. Use the concrete sealer to waterproof the soap dish. I applied a couple of coats on my DIY soap dish to cover all of the cracks so that the piece would be well protected.

When concrete isn’t sealed properly, it may turn soft and crack. We don’t want all of our hard work to go to waste now, do we? Be sure to seal it well and don’t be afraid to do a couple of coats, especially since wet soap will be sitting on it.                                    

DIY soap dish sitting on small table next to the bathtub
close up of DIY soap dish
close up DIY soap dish on live edge table next to bathtub
full view of soap dish on a live edge table next to a bathtub

You can add some more personal touches to it by painting it. I love the natural look of plain concrete and I’m very happy with the final product. I think it was the perfect addition to our bathroom! It would also look nice next to a kitchen or a work sink, too.

What do you think? Have you tried to make your own soap dish before? Do you like working with concrete? I’d love to hear from you!

concrete soap dish sitting on small wooden table

DIY Soap Dish Made With Concrete

Yield: 1 DIY soap dish
Active Time: 30 minutes
Total Time: 30 minutes
Difficulty: Easy

Easy to make DIY soap dish using concrete. Follow these step-by-step instructions to make your own modern concrete soap dish.


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    1. Start by coating the mold in vegetable oil.
    2. Mix your concrete according to the directions on the package.
    3. Pour the concrete and set the mold just the way you like it, tap the mold on the table a few times to get any air bubbles out. Then let the concrete set for about an hour.
    4. Remove from mold and use the concrete sealer to waterproof the soap dish.

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    1. I love the soap dish ! it seems really easy n waay cool ! but the thing I adore is the table its sitten on. now, being its that cool, I know I cant b the only one inquiring about it. am I ? its soo beautiful…. a piece of wood n iron. who woulda thought ?

  1. Wow, I love this! I was scrolling through our links for the Creative Circle Link Party and this stood out to me. I love the simplicity. Beautiful job, Lindi!

  2. I love your ceramic soap dish, it looks beautiful. Just got all the supplies in the mail and ready to try. I read the directions on the Maker’s Mix but not sure how big a batch of mix to make? Did you use 1 or 2 cups or more of the Makers Mix? Thank you for sharing your creations!

    1. Oh! Thank you! I’d love to see it after you make it! I’m sure one cup would be enough, although I can’t remember how much I used. If you find you need more you could always add more mix and stir it well, as long as it’s only been a few minutes! If you have have extra, fill an old cream cheese dish and put a tealight in it to make a concrete candle :)

    1. Glad you made it! No, the seal wouldn’t lighten it, it would just add a gloss finish. You may have just had a slightly different colour in your concrete mix.

  3. This looks so cool, I am just wondering how is the durability? I have tried a few DIY with concrete but after a while it starts to crack.

  4. With the soap dish, are you pouring in the larger mold piece then placing second piece and then tipping whole thing? I just got the mold this week

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