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Christmas time is here…. Anyone else singing in their head right now?
Last year my Christmas Home Tour was FULL of great burlap creations because I love adding pieces of rustic and natural decor. I had the idea for these adorable Burlap Ornaments last year but I didn’t get around to making them, but I’m excited to share them now! I’m also thrilled to be joining 5 other great bloggers to share our holiday burlap DIYs! 

These simple burlap ornaments are an easy sewing project

These were a super quick sewing project that makes a big impact on my Christmas tree!

Materials needed:

Tightly woven burlap
The ornament template (below)
Cotton Stuffing
Sewing Machine
Neutral Thread

Use stencils to cut out your desired shapes from burlap squares

Start by downloading the Burlap Ornament Template here.

Use this free burlap ornaments template to cut out christmas shapes for your own ornaments

Once you had the template downloaded, you want to cut it out on cardboard or thick card stock. Cut your burlap so that there is about an inch of burlap at the edge of the template on all sides.

All you need for this project is some burlap sheets and some ribbon

Next, put both layers of burlap together, and pin your template to the centre of your burlap pieces.

Pin the star template to the burlap so you can sew it in place

Next, cut 6 inches of ribbon, fold it in half, and pin it in to the middle of the ornament, between the two layers of burlap, so that you you can sew it into place.

Add the ribbon to the burlap ornament template

Use your sewing machine to sew along the template, leaving about an inch open to allow you to stuff the ornament. On the star, I just left one of the entire sides open.

Sew around the ornament template - use a sewing machine to make this step go faster!

You can see (vaguely) where my strings start and end below.

Leave a little bit of room as you sew around the template so you can stuff the burlap

Then stuff away! Making sure that you add enough to fill the unseen part of the ornament too! Then sew up the open edge.

After stuffing the ornament, cut around the edges leaving about a half inch of room

Once you are done sewing, cut around the entire edge of the star,leaving about 1/2″ from the line you sewed. Do this all the way around – and make sure not to cut your ribbon!

Cut around the edges of the ornament

Finally, fray all of the edges by pulling them apart by hand. Sometimes you will have full strings come loose, which you can cut off with your scissors. Let the little pieces stay off, and just pull the attached pieces away from one another.

This frayed star burlap ornament is a simple craft that adds a rustic touch to your christmas tree

Then you’re done! I’ll let the picture show off the beautifully done rustic burlap ornaments.

These burlap ornaments are an adorable rustic christmas decoration Use the templates to create burlap ornaments like this candy cane ornament Christmas tree burlap ornament made with a simple template Adding this Christmas tree ribbon to the burlap ornaments makes them easy to hang from your christmas tree The frayed edges of these burlap ornaments give them a rustic look You can make a bunch of these burlap ornaments in many holiday shapes to add to your christmas tree These burlap ornaments are a simple sewing project that comes together fast

Enjoy your beautiful burlap ornaments!

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