Baby Room Beginnings

Well. We’re 5 months in and planning a nursery. 
Can’t believe that our lives will change drastically in only 4 months!
You’ve already seen my decorative ideas here, but now it’s time to transform the baby room. 
This is the nursery as it stood a couple of weeks ago – functional guest bedroom:

And now to begin the transformation.
We started by selling our extra guest bed. Then Mr. A ripped out all of the moldings from the room. 
Our plans seem simple… 
Paint. Wainscotting. Crown molding. Closet Organizer.

Here you can see the room in shambles (not everyone shares these moments!), and the splotches of gray paint on the walls. The walls haven’t been primed yet, we’re just experimenting with colours.

And here (below) is the first wall of wainscoting in place (sort of)!
We made a tentative model to see if we would like it. 
Now Mr. A is hard at work measuring, cutting, and attaching each of the wall panels so we can check the style and the measurements before we begin priming and painting.

We are excited – I’m thinking that it’s gonna look great! 
How can I go wrong with Mr. A doing all the hard work – he’s the best :)
This little room will be completely transformed by the time we’re done with it! 

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