15 of 15 Blog Goals

15 Blog Goals for 2015

This marks my third year in a row, creating a blog goal list in lieu of a New Years Resolution. To see how I did with last years goals, see my 14 of 14 in Review post.

My blog has gone through a lot of [great!] changes this year, and I’m thrilled to watch it grow! I now have a few readers other than my mom and best friends! lol. I hope that these goals will help increase my creativity and productivity in my blog life, and in my personal life :)

Here are my 15 goals for 2015:

1. Plant an herb garden
2. Decorate a “big girl” room for Ellie
3. Start weekly meal planning
4. Get pumpkins from a pumpkin patch
5. Design a scrapbook invitation
6. Plan a family picnic
7. Go to a farm or estate auction
8. Complete a felting project
9. Go on a family camping trip
10. Knit or crochet a gift for someone
11. Make tarts for the first time
12. Make a wood project using power tools (by myself!)
13. Plan an amazing 1st birthday party for Ellie
14. Design and sew my own purse
15. Redecorate our master bedroom! (*fingers crossed*)

What are your goals for 2015? I’d LOVE to hear them!


26 thoughts on “15 of 15 Blog Goals

  1. Seems like a good/fun bunch of goals! Following along with you I have made my own goals for the last two years, although you have been much better at completing yours than I have mine. Here’ is this year’s bunch although I’m not positive this is the final cut.

    1) do three challenges (30 day something every day like no carbs or bed by 10 or sit ups or journal write)
    2) read 15 books I’ve been meaning to read for a long time
    3) go through 2 devotionals
    4) do 10 diy projects from pinterest
    5) do something nice for 5 strangers
    6) cross two things off my bucket list
    7) complete two journals (I have about 10 waiting to be used so I hope this motivates me)
    8) learn to get my eyelashes to stay up – they never stay curled, they just go straight – I have never mastered the eye lash curler (clearly inspired here by your 14 of 14)
    9) review the sign language I know and hopefully find a way I can use it in my life
    10) write a letter in Dutch to my Oma and Opa
    11) leave Canada
    12) transfer my tape cassettes into mp3s
    13) make it to 90% (or more) of my roller derby practices
    14) double my score on the standardize roller derby fitness test
    15) learn all the words to One Week by Barenakes ladies/a fun rap

    1. That’s an awesome list!!! This is going to give me some great ideas for next year too!! I love that writing a letter in Dutch is on your list :) and do something nice for 5 strangers is a great goal too!! I’m excited to see what you finish!

  2. The only really hard one here is the weekly meal planning….unless doing it once or twice counts as starting it, lol. A good list. I’m confident you can finish up most, if not all of it.

    1. I think the bedrooms are MUCH bigger projects! Our master has been on my list for 3 years now! lol. There’s a bit of leeway with the meal planning one too… I don’t have to be crazy about it, I just want a system in place so that I’m more organized going back to work. Don’t want to spend ALL my time with Ellie at the grocery store :(

  3. Ok, I copied you, too. I thought of some goals I have, but it’s reaaaallly Japanese learning centric.

    1. Finish at least three computer courses.
    2. Travel abroad
    3. Travel somewhere interesting in Japan
    4. Pass the next Japanese Proficiency Test
    5. Read Harry Potter in Japanese
    6. Get in better shape
    7. Play a video game in Japanese (and actually try and understand everything)
    8. Learn 1700 kanji
    9. Practice writing kanji
    10. Finish the Memrise course of 6000 words for the next Japanese Proficiency test
    11. Read my Japanese Intermediate Grammar dictionary
    12. Take a Kanji writing test (the level I will take is for elementary school students)
    13. Try to take the JET Translator/Interpretor Course entry exam in September
    14. Use my bicycle more
    15. Write an outline for the Fantasy Novel that I’ve always been wanting to write

    1. This list is very Japanese-centric! Each of the goals work off one another, so if you finish one, you’re one step closer to finishing another one, which will help you stay motivated! Also, “use my bicycle more” is very vague… lol.

  4. Iori says that his goals are:

    1. Start selling some embroidery and find my own embroidery style.
    2. Leave Japan
    3. Have a spring party
    4. Quit smoking
    5. Make two linen blankets (sewn, quilted, and embroidered!)
    6. Make a linen bath towel set
    7. Steal 5 kg from Nathan
    8. Have my own exhibition
    9. Make more time for cooking
    10. Bring more green things into my life
    11. Try to make some pottery (he says with me, but I’m giving him a glare)
    12. Learn more English words
    13. Change my table
    14. Pay for my mom to go to Korea
    15. Decorate Nathan’s home (I’m glaring at him again)

    1. hahaha, I LOVE these!! My trend is catching on! You should come to Alberta, Canada when you leave Japan! And also, you should sell me some embroidery!

  5. These are great, Lindi! I should make a list too, so I can stay on track! Good luck meeting these (going to an estate sale or auction would be so fun!)

    1. I know! I’ve never been to a live auction like that and I’d love to bid on some old furniture to upcycle or repair!

  6. Love all the lists Lindi, Janessa, Nathan & Iori! Guess I’ll have to start thinking about a list for myself!

  7. Great list! I myself am struggling to finish my old journals before starting new ones. my goals are:

    – Send 100 postcards
    – Learn a new skill
    – take a class
    – read 30 books
    – visit new cities
    – take a road-trip

    *fingers crossed*, Hope I can cross off most of these by the end of the year. x kayleigh // mylittlejeans

  8. Love this!! I am going to make one, too. Annnddd I noticed #3 was meal-planning, and I happened to be working on mean-planning post right now! I am shooting for a live post on Tuesday, I hope you check it out :)

  9. I love your goals & good luck with them. I want to plant a little veggie garden, I think that’s be fun & it would save me money. I’m always loving those twofers. I’m stopping by from the Merry Monday link up wish you a great Monday.

  10. Fantastic goals! We’re in the process of re-decorating our master bedroom and I hope we can wrap it up this month! Thank you for linking up with our Creative Spark party! We’d love to have you join us again this week :)

  11. These are awesome goals. So far I have four but I am still working on my list. I like that you increase the list with the year. I am thinking your daughter will love her big girl room. That would definitely be a fun project! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Oh my Michelle! I think the big girl room is the project that I’m MOST excited for!! My mind is swimming with ideas!

    1. Me too Amanda!! That’s why I figured it would be great to try and tackle something myself! Otherwise I’m sure he will get sick of me asking for help one day…. lol.

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