10 Minute BBQ Tool Holder

Build the perfect deck accessory in just 10 minutes with this DIY BBQ utensil holder. Modify it to fit your own deck rails. Perfect DIY for men! Any husband, father, or guy who likes BBQing would love one!

This year I challenged myself to make a few simple projects. Things that you can pop out in less than an evening without a ton of effort. Since January I’ve made a few of these 10 Minute DIYs and these simple projects are quickly becoming my favourites. This month we challenged ourselves to make a quick outdoor project, and when I was drawing a blank…. zero ideas… my husband said, “You could make a BBQ Tool Holder in less than 10 Minutes”. My response was “Ummm… no I can’t”, which sparked some kind of male challenge instinct in my husband. Ten minutes later (including time for photos!) we had a utensil holder, lol.

You can use scrap wood for this DIY BBQ tools holder

We used scrap wood for this project, but if you don’t have any, a 1×6 board (2 ft long) could easily be cut up into strips for this holder.


Scrap wood (1x1s and a 2ft 2x1s)
1.5″ Screws
Wood stain


Table Saw
Mitre Saw

Cut the wooden pieces to length

Start by cutting your boards to length.
Arm lengths (1×1 board): 2.5″, 3″, & 4″
[The 3″ length is based on the width of your railing – measure your railing]
Base (1 x2 board): 24″ long

Then cut any widths that need to be adjusted on the table saw.

Use a table saw to cut all the wooden pieces needed for this DIY bbq tools holder

We did all of the attachments with screws. Because it’s a thin wood slice, you will want to make a pilot hole before putting your screws in place. Use your drill to make a small hole where the boards will attach.

Use your drill to make a small hole where the pieces attach

Then clamp, and drill the boards together.

Clamp the boards together using a wood clamp and screws

We also used wood glue to make sure the connections were strong.

You can also use wood glue to keep the joints secure

Once you have one arm built, do the same for the second arm.

Put together both arms of the BBQ tool holder

When both arms are built, attach them a couple of inches from each end of the 1×2 board. Finally, you want to add a few screws to the front of the board, sticking out so that your BBQ utensils can hang on them.

Secure each arm to the long wooden board

Just to prove it, I timed the whole thing! Just under 11 minutes! I think that’s pretty good considering I made him pause to take photos a few times, lol.

This project barely takes ten minutes from start to finish!

We stained the piece with our favourite Ebony stain from Minwax, and hung it on the deck! Just to make sure it works, I make my husband BBQ every couple of days too ;)

You can stain the BBQ tool holder to match your deck, or paint it whatever color you'd like! This DIY BBQ tool holder is the perfect deck accessory for summer grilling This DIY BBQ tools accessory makes organizing your grilling tools easy This BBQ tools holder hooks right over the side of the deck for easy set up You can adjust the size of the arms to fit your deck rails This BBQ tools holder is the summer griller's best friend and perfect accessory This simple DIY deck accessory is perfect for anyone who loves summer grilling

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  1. That was indeed a quick project if you have all the right tools that you can use. What I also like about this project is that you can move the holder to any part of the house as long as you’re able to hang it. Two thumbs up for this helpful idea.

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